daylily hybridization

daylily hybrid
daylily hybrid
daylily hybrid daylily hybrid


I have not ordered seeds from every seller; below are the ones I recommend. Click on the seller's name to view what they are offering on auction at the moment:
  • Jeffb - This seller makes discriminating crosses; he's not crossing anything to everything. He goes to the effort and expense of purchasing some of the newest, priciest releases to use a pollen parent on like flower pod parents. The seeds come quickly and are consistently, and remarkably plump and fresh. The bonus consists of extra seeds of the cross that you won, which is an excellent practice. He's usually in the early wave of sellers each season.
  • Boxcar - Hugh and Pam Buntyn's Daylily Garden of Jacksonville, FL, is a noted hybridizer with an excellent selection of well-thought of crosses that include her own superlative releases. I think they try to guess what your personal tastes are according to the seeds you just bought to decide on the bonus seeds! A very generous seller.
  • Spunky1 - Fred and Kathleen Manning do have their own breeding programme, they love daylilies and it shows. The choice of parents shows a discriminating taste.
  • Aladyreb - Hoot Owl Daylily Gardens in Georgia. Brings some rather special crosses on the auction; seeds appear late-ish in the season, well worth waiting for. Some outstanding stud plants in that stable. Just like me, likes flashy flowers! If you're looking for flowers with the potential to scream at you from across the garden, do look up this seller. Very professional.
  • Redbarron - Auctions appear in the late season, has some very unique crosses, don't miss them.
  • Zildjian - A great variety of eclectic flowers, and eclectic crosses. If you like big surprises, unexpected results and experimentation, look here first. Large number of seeds on auction.
  • Woodiered - Tempting variety, postage is pricy, do mind combining your auctions.
  • Belle3940 - Nice crosses, vivid flowers, do check out these auctions.
  • Lily - The edge-no-eye specialist! Super germination on my 2008 batch of seeds.
  • Daylilysquire - Late fall and early to mid winter, some very weird flower shapes! Great photos.
  • Drw - Late fall and early to mid winter, makes use of the buy-it-now feature. Really good crosses at very low prices. Great germination, too.
  • Yardman - Late fall and early to mid winter, must-have crosses, bonus and extra seeds.
  • Ruby - Very late into the fall, and much into the winter, so extraordinary crosses!
  • ladylovingdove - A great source of blues.


Some tips for bidding on the Daylily Auction:
  1. Don't panic. Oftentimes, seeds from that 'must-have' cross are offered several times by the same seller. Some crosses that sell for over $60 in early August go for $12 in mid-September. Trust me, I fell for it and was both mortified and humiliated with my foolishness! I shall keep a very cool head in the future. Better crosses may appear later as well! Not suprinsingly, seeds sell for more during the daylily flowering season.
  2. For the reason above, don't start bidding until the second week of September. You will save big on the same crosses that were offered during daylily blooming season.
  3. A coveted flower does not always a great parent make. Look up the plant's parentage, sometimes what makes a plant exceptional isn't much seen in its parents, and may not be much seen in the grandkids, either!
  4. Watch out, international bidders! Some sellers do not take PayPal.
  5. A lot of sellers time their auctions to close on Sundays - so Sunday is auction closing time! It's a great time to bid and catch great crosses that have been lowballed.

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