This page is for info wanted on for this website that I have been unable to find myself, either because the items in question are too expensive or too obscure for me to be able to find them. All help is greatly appreciated and I will gladly credit your name on any pages you help with. Please send all information (and corrections) to: this e-mail.

  • Get Over: If anyone can confirm the existance of the vinyl PRO-A-5938 with the 12" Club Mix and 12" Dub by Boris Granich please e-mail me. Similarly, if you can tell me which vinyl release, if any, has the BT Classic Dub please let me know. Scans of the labels and/or rips of the vinyls would be greatly appreciated and your name will be credited on the page. Thanks! Update: This vinyl is very real and has been listed on the page!

  • Sky Fits Heaven (Victor Calderone Anthem Mix): This is the full version of the the Remix Edit that appers on certain "Drowned World/Substitute For Love" single releases. There are many low quality mp3 files circulating and they appear to be of digital (read: not vinyl or cassette) source. If you know anything about the origin of these files, please let me know by e-mail.

  • Beat Goes On (Leaked Version): If anyone remembers the exact date the first "Beat Goes On" demo leaked to forums and file-sharing networks, please e-mail me.

    This page will grow as I find more things to ask. Thanks again for your help!

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