Devil Wouldn't Recognize You (Album Version)
    Released on all Hard Candy album releases.

  • Written by Madonna, T. Mosley, J. Timberlake, N. Hills, J. Henry.
  • Produced by Timbaland for Timbaland Productions, Justin Timberlake for Tennman Productions and Danja for Danjahandz productions.
  • Recorded by Marcella "Ms. Lago" Araica and Demacio "Demo" Castellon for Storm-Circle Ent.
  • Programmed and mixed by Demacio "Demo" Castellon for Storm Circle Ent.
  • Protools editing by Ron Taylor.
  • Assistant engineers: Julian Vasquez, Vadim Chislov, Graham Archer, Fareed Salamah.
  • Sce Asst.: Jose and Joseph Castellon.
  • BG Vocals by Justin Timberlake.
  • Drums by Timbaland.
  • Keyboards by Danja.

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