Don't Tell Me (Edit)
    The same as the Album Version, without the long outro.

    Released on many international single releases, for example:
  • UK 3-track single (CD1) (W547CD1)
  • German 3-track single (9362 44946-2)
  • Australian 4-track single (9362449492)
  • 1-track promotional CDs in Australia (MAD 02) and Germany (PRO 2251). A similar disc was sent out in the US also including Album Version (PRO-CD-100510).
  • UK Cassette single (W547C)
  • UK Promo 7" b/w Cyber-Raga (W547LC)

  • Written and Produced by Madonna and Mirwais Ahmadzaď.
  • Mixed at Olympic Studios, London by Mark "Spike" Stent.

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