Don't Tell Me (Thunderpuss Beats)
    Presumably this mix was sent in to the label along with the rest of the mixes, as "Thunderpuss Beats" versions of other tracks often appear alongside Thunderpuss mixes on CDs. This mix was never released by the label. It features five minutes of beats similar to those in the Hands In The Air mixes with some builds and breaks, though there are subtle differences. The only vocals used here are "Get up."

    This mix surfaced on a very rare disc sent by Thunderpuss to several big name DJs & friends called "Madonna Secret Weapons". These discs circulate among collectors. This is the only track on these discs that remains unleaked.

  • Remix produced by Thunderpuss (Chris Cox & Barry Harris).
  • Additional keyboards, programming & mixed by Barry Harris and Chris Cox at Thunderpuss Studios, NO. Hollywood, CA.
  • Digital editing by Ralph Cook.

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