Hollywood (Deepsky's Home Sweet Home Dub)
    Released on [As Deepsky's Home Sweet Home Vocal Mix]:
  • 6-track CD maxi single in the USA (42638-2), UK (W614CDX), Germany (9362 42638-2), Australia (9362426382), Canada (CDW 426380), Argentina (9362-42638-2)
  • CD1 single in the UK (W614CD1) and Germany (9362 42636-2)
  • German 12" Promo (PRO4162)
  • US 12" Promo (PRO-A-101128)
  • 2x12" single in the US (42638-0), the UK (W614T2) and Germany (9362 42638-0)
    As Deepsky Vocal Remix:
  • UK 4-track CD promo
    As Deepsky HSH Dub:
  • US 6-track CD promo (PRO-A-101146)
    As Deepsky's Home Sweet Home Dub:
  • 2x12" promo in the US (PRO-A-101146) and Germany (PRO4163)

    The Deepsky Radio Edit includes the verses while this mix does not. This leads many fans to assume that there actually is an unreleased Vocal Club Mix of the Deepsky mix, and all the released labelled "vocal mix" are errors. As further evidence, the German 12" lists the time as 7:55. An mp3 file of the "vocal mix" circulates, but isn't good evidence as the mix can be easily recreated using the Radio Edit and the Dub - and no one seems to know its origin.

  • Additional remix and production by J. Scott G. and Jason Blum.
  • V-syth engineering by Jim Stout.

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