Impressive Instant (Peter Rauhofer's Universal Club Mix)
    Released on:
  • US 12" promo (PRO-A-100771-A) (PRO-A-100771)
  • US 2-track CDr promo (no cat#) [as Remix I] (Intro is slightly chopped, half the first kick drum is missing).
  • Promo Only Mainstream Club - November 2001 issue (this is a rip of "Remix I" that has been amplified).
  • UK 2-track promo - for some reason the mix has been pitched up to 132 BPM on this release.
  • Australia 2-track promo (The mix is normal on this one).

  • Remix and additional production by Peter Rauhofer for Star 69 Entertainment, Ltd.

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