Sky Fits Heaven (Victor Calderone Future Mix)
    The full, unmixed version is released exclusively on the 2x12" vinyl edition of Victor Calderone's E=VC (TB 1367). This was also released on the mixed CD version of E=VC (TBCD 1367). This mixed version is 8:40 long.

    A rare CDr of various Victor Calderone mixes including this one, labelled "Victor Calderone Mixes for Grammy consideration" has surfaced - it is the only known source for a full, digital version of this mix. If anyone has more information about this, please e-mail me.

    This remix also appears on a Canadian bootleg 12" white label of unknown origin, which contains three other irrelevant tracks. The source of this vinyl appears to be uncompressed, but the mix is slightly edited - it is only 9:43 long.

  • Remixed by Victor Calderone.

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