What It Feels Like For A Girl (Thunderpuss Anthem)
    All the Thunderpuss remixes of this track remain unreleased. Though they were originally intended to be included on the single, a fanmade mix mislabelled as a Thunderpuss remix circulating on the Internet angered the label, resulting in the mixes being rejected.

    This remix first leaked as a 15 minute fanmade re-edit of the acutal mix. Since many beilieved this version to be too long and poorly structured, DJMichaelAngelo re-edited this version down to a 11:44 which is very common on file sharing networks.

    The full Thunderpuss Anthem (11:22) surfaced on a very rare disc sent by Thunderpuss to several big name DJs & friends called "Madonna Secret Weapons". These discs circulate among collectors. Various mp3 versions of the real mix have been leaked.

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