Celebration (Johnny Vicious Club Dub)
    This mix was e-mailed by Johnny Vicious on August 25, 2009 as a 320 kbps mp3 file. Here is a sample of the message contained in the e-mail:

    We are very proud to announce that Johnny was given the honor once again to remix the ground breaking dance and pop artist Madonna.

    This time its her debut song to be released from her new album produced by Paul Okenfold "Celebration".

    The Johnny Vicious Remix is availlable now Click herre for the remix promo

    There are 2 mixes in this promo that will not be released, The Club prive' mix and the Dub.

    The "Club Remix" Johnny sent out is different from the mix by the same name on other releases. The entire bridge section is completely different, from around 4:15 to 7:22. There are some other, smaller details that are different in other parts.

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