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Titanium Rings
Traditionally reserved for industrial uses, titanium has only recently been included as a jewelry material and is increasingly popular.

Unlike gold and silver, which are traditionally melted and molded, titanium requires that rings be forged out of a solid block of metal, and therefore titanium rings cannot be resized. Titanium jewelry is crafted using methods that include: sawing, punching, filing, milling, planing and drilling. It is a good material for inlay work (such as Mokume Gane as it can be joined to different metals to make multi-tone pieces. Most of the cost in making a titanium ring is in the skilled labor to create a ring from such a hard metal.

For all these reasons, stones within titanium rings are set differently. They can be "tension set" where the ring is interrupted by a cut, the insides of which are notched to receive and hold with tension a brilliant or square cut diamond or gemstone. Alternatively, a brilliant cut gemstone may be inserted into a cavity carved into the ring.

"Black titanium" rings are frequently offered. It should be noted that the so-called black titanium is but a finish, of unproven durability.

Titanium is available in pure or alloyed form, but there is no reason to increase its strength with alloys for the purposes of jewelry, therefore the purest grade of titanium is the most desirable for this application.

A titanium ring is lightweight and feels warm to the touch; it is easily adopted by the wearer, and its sober coloring is most sophisticated. It is far more durable and longer lasting than gold or platinum, but similar to these precious metals, with normal wear, titanium might also develop small scrapes and scratches. Titanium's finish can often be restored by your jeweler with some polishing.

In case of a medical emergency, a titanium ring may be cut off, especially if made of the pure material. It is more difficult to cut than gold or platinum, but most emergency rooms are suitably equipped.

It is nearly impossible to resize titanium rings, though small increases in the inside diameter can be achieved by filing some of the material in the inside surface. It is therefore important to size the ring correctly.

It is the perfect material for individuals that suffer from nickel sensitivity.

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